Dust sensor on USB on Raspberry Pi

first of all I’m really impressed on all functionalities and features of blynk and the idea you develovped…congrats!!
I’m a newbie in this IoT things and not a programmer, therefor I apologize for any stupid question.

I’m trying my new project on measuring dust (PM2.5 and PM10) particles outdoor with sensor sds021 which is connected over USV to RPi. I don’t know how to begin…I’m able to read sensor data on RPi.
Question: How to configure blynk on RPi to send data from /dev/ttyusb0 to blynk server?
Is it even possible?

Thank you all and have a nice day!


Thr RPi might not be the best device to start learning Blynk on… it can be used, but not as popular or well documented compared to ESP8266 or even Arduinos.

But you can start here, pick a flavor of programming language… the most "popular are:

NodeJS is javascript & WiringPi is a C++ port

I personally prefer NodeJS, but each to their own.