[DUPLICATE] w5500 compability?

I’m having problems conecting my uno and ethernet rev 3 with w5500 chip but i found out that i was using the arduino IDE form arduino.cc instead of arduino.org so i got that going and it now gets an ip but using blank files i can’t…

i found this files with i think is the solution but i don’t know where to install them,

does anybody knows?

thank you

Just submitted an example for Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 (W5500): https://github.com/blynkkk/blynk-library/blob/master/examples/BoardsAndShields/Arduino_Ethernet2/Arduino_Ethernet2.ino
You will have to use latest Blynk from master branch.

Please check it and tell if it works (I don’t have this hardware to test).
Thank you!

@bernas_123 , more details here [SOLVED] Arduino ethernet shield 2 (W5500)
please also continue discussion there, to keep this in one place.