Dual Network adapter

Planning to have about 100 sensor that will talk to local Blynk server.

I would like to install an wifi router that only serve to blynk devices, DHCP , ect…

I would install blynk server to that interface.

Then I would like to install a second interface and go on my office LAN…

Why??? Having all arduino / esp8266 on a private lan, will not interfere with office / home network…

Devices would be isolated from internet… but I would like to read and control theses devices from internet.

So question : is it possible to configure 2 differents LAN adapter, and Blynk local server would be be able to listen/serve on both adapter at the same time…

Dual core, 4bg Ram, Windows 10 X64, Blynk .20 server… Only application on this computer

Thank you

I think this can work. However configuring such network may be tricky.

Anyone have done this or have an idea how to do this?


You should bind the Blynk server to 1 interface, but it would be easiest by using another router or get a router to support ddwrt and use virtual lans (vlan’s).

Or use dd-wrt on an existing router and split up the interfaces/wifi in different segments with vlan’s.