DS18B20 virtual pin not working

No. I wanted to see the Blynk connection info.

Does your widget currently show “99”?


I have a feeling that you may have two projects in your app, and that you’re looking at the wrong one.

I’ve taken the Auth code from one of your screenshots and checked what you have in your project with this URL:

It shows that the widget attached to V1 is of type “DIGIT4_DISPLAY”, which isn’t what I’d expect. It also shows that it’s range is “min":0.0,“max”:1023.0
Which doesn’t match the 0-100 that’s in your screenshot.

I set the value to “99” using a GET API call.



very good idea Pete !!

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Hi Pete and Blynk_Coeur,

As required by Pete here a screenshot of what I see as defaul value:

I just check the project and the token is correct; the same I used in coding:

That said this is a very basic script; no problem to delete the project and restart from scratch if can be of an help.

List but not last… based on your answer I doubt come to me: i installed on a tablet the blynk app. same blynk account 2 device (not used simultaniusly)
1 iPhone and an Android tablet.

Can generate some problem?

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try logging out of one of the accounts.

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The project is in “edit” mode in your screenshot. Can you confirm that you’re hitting the triangular “play” button in the top right to put the project into “run” mode?



I hope he knows that :smile:



Did you see @Blynk_Coeur advise?



Hi Psoro,
thankyou for pointing out the Blynk_Coeur advice on ESP8266…
I think the problem was there, some udpate caused the issue.

To keep everythink simple I just deleted all software in my MAC:

  • Deleted Arduino IDE
  • Blynk Library
  • deleted all library
  • restored the ESP2866 board via IDE

now everything works. Sorry but i’m not in the position to really show where the problem was but wiring and code are ok.

Thankyou everybody


good choice
let us know when you have done that.