DS18B20/Node MCU/BLINK/IFTTT/Google assistant

DS18B20/Node MCU/BLINK : work fine on my smartphone.
I need a tuto for IFTTT parameters when i say “ok google” ; “give me the living room temperature”.
I need parameters for the “IF” and for the “THAT”. I need the arduino IDE line code to add.

Welcome to the Blynk Forum… Please spend a little time reading the many similar “help me” requests and you will see that we will try to help you teach yourself, but we don’t do the work for you, or teach you how to program.

It is recommended that you run through the Documentation, Help Center and as many as the Sketch Builder examples as you need, in order to learn how Blynk works… then you should probably do something similar with other sites concerning how to integrate with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

Only then you will have a better understanding on how to follow others prior work, doing similar things and posting their efforts, questions and answers here… And you can find that by searching this forum.