Downloading Report

i need help with getting the raw data for my report, The data aggregation is averaging my data once i export. I see sudden spikes in the downloaded report but on the graph in Blynk there’s no spike, Please does anyone know how i can get access to the raw data and why i see spiked values in my exported csv file

What type of Blynk subscription do you have?
Do you have “save raw data” enabled for your datastream?
Are you looking at the “graph” in the app or web console? If you’re using SuperChart in the app, what resolution are you using for the timescales that you’re comparing the data to (standard or high resolution)?
What data export settings are you using?

Your description says that you feel your exported data is aggregated, but that you’re seeing spikes in this exported data. Wouldn’t that imply that the exported data isn’t being aggregated, and that it’s the chart data that is being smoothed, or have you mis-described your issue?


Thank you Pete, I just toggled the “save raw data” button the datastream but it seems i can only view the raw data from the last time i toggled the “save raw data”. Is there something I have to do to enable me see my past raw data? And yes i am using the web console.

Not sure how you expect to view data that wasn’t saved.


Nope. You have to wait while the new raw data is generated/stored.