Domotic with Nodemcu (esp12e) + nodes

I would like to create a domotic system using a main Brain as Esp8266 nodemcu (or maybe an arduino mega + esp8266-01) which communicates locally with the other nodes to control for example switch 220 volts, lights, pumps, sense temperatire, humidity…

I would like every sensor communicates by air with the main module, but Im not sure about woth sill be the best way, could you help me?

Which will be better for nodes communication with the Brain? Wifi esp, rf 433, rf nrf24l01 or another way??

Hi I’m making the same project :slight_smile:

I think if you use all ESP for sensor node you can easily avoid main brain

otherwise you can use LoRa radio or BLE for a battery powered sensor

Great Joepesce! Yes, ESP8266 nodes seems to be the best option.

Then I have another paradox, with BLYNK is possible to usea BLYNK SERVER (IOT) or BLYNK LOCAL SERVER.

I would like to chose both, because I would like to control my devices over internet when I am out but I also like to keep using my devices locally (being on my house) if internet connection goes down.

What do you suggest for that? I think is very useful the possibility to easy “switch” between locally and internet connection.

@alvaroaguero55 there is no “easy” switching method. One way is to run 2 instances of Blynk with something like Parallels, one connected to the cloud server and one to a local server. Then code up the ESP’s to “jump” from one server to the other on request.

Thanks Costas, so you mean to write in the same code/sketch of every device both blynk servers, the BLYNK SERVER over internet and a local Blynk server?

Yes something like that. Just think about some “switching” code.

Great, so the last question, what device you recommend to perform the whole system, individual nodes, with commercial purpose? ESP8266 or WEMOS D1 or another?

Depends on the project and how many times you are going to replicate the project etc.

Generally speaking you should look to use a WeMos rather than mess about wiring up ESP’s and adding all the extra bits you need.

If you are planning to have a few thousand projects then there might be some merit in using ESP’s.