Doesnt connect using blynk, connects normally using any other code

[Photograph of screen removed by moderator]

Im getting these in repeat no connection.
If someone could help i would appreciate thanks in advance and sorry for no introduction.

@mjshbeeb Please edit your post, using the pencil icon at the bottom, and replace the photograph of your screen with the text that is copied from your serial monitor pasted into your post. You will need to add triple backticks at the beginning and end of your serial monitor test so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this:

Copy and paste these if you can’t find the correct symbol on your keyboard.

You will also need to provide your code - this also needs triple backticks at the beginning and end - and details the hardware (board ) that you are using along with any other information that you think might be helpful in understanding your problem.


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Hello pete, i have fixed it
Instead if Blynk.begin(Blynk_AUTH_TOKEN, ssid, pass)
I put
Blynk.begin(Blynk_AUTH_TOKEN, ssid, pass, IPAddress(46,101,217,214); 8080)

You shouldn’t be specifying IP addresses in Blynk IoT, you should use the region subdomain instead, as this will never change.