Does old Blynk version exist?

I heard that you will be released a new blynk version soon. I wonder: " Don’t know old Blynk version remain to exist?". I am having a important project for graduation

The new Platform is there -

It will, for the next half a year for sure.

Some mixed messages here!


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@PeteKnight I fixed the @vshymanskyy message. We don’t want to give false expectations. So let’s stick with 6 months for now of guaranteed support. We’ll see how it goes.

We have not precise date yet, as the countdown will start after we’ll release all features we want in Blynk 2.0. After it’s done we’ll be ready to announce the end date.

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Now we have a dead end date :scream:


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Many thanks to the Blynk team for your support. Of course, it’s great that the project is developing.
But … Those who use Blynk have long accumulated a certain number of projects that are working today, and they did not plan to return to them. Now, if I understand correctly, after a while everything will die. I can understand that the old business model does not suit you and you want to change it. I am willing to pay, in the hope that it will be cheaper than redoing all the projects if I have the opportunity to do so.

Please, don’t switch off the old version!!! I made a lot of projects with Blynk that are so usefull.
Thank you!!

You have no choice, you must migrate to New Blynk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Unless you have your own blynk server

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Yes, but if I well understand, new Blynk app allows to use only ONE device. It is correct?

Free version allows only one device,but you can buy additional devices.

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