Does eventor work?

Im running blynk server at home. But eventor does not work with any event.

Thanks. We will check.

@zara is issue still there? We weren’t able to reproduce.

Ill check it later on Sunday

For me it does not… Just check with outdoor temperature goes below 5C with esp8266 and ds18b2, to notify me with push
push widget is added. I think it does not work

But dont beware… I can do all I need without any eventor or reflashing devices just with api and bashscripts and cron)))

Maybe problem in push notifications? Could you please check with some led for instance?

Nope! Dmitriy, still no luck with that
I do:
1.Put button widget on V38
2.Put led on V40
3.Put eventor on board
4. Add event "When V38 is equal to 1, turn OFF V40
5. Add event "When V38 is equal to 0, turn ON V40
6. Check all of whose events are active
7. Push button on V38 with no luck( led on V40 did not change state. I dont know why, but it always HIGH or ON or 1)
Any led widget on dashboard is HIGH by default

Maybe i should write “is equal to HIGH” or “to ON”?

Eventor could be triggered only from hardware side :slight_smile:. So this scenario with V38 shouldn’t work.

but everything there is from VpinS… DHT - vpins, ds18b20 vpins, relay module vpins… Maybe some digitalread will be aviable with motion sensor.
I cant write temperture of my DHT to digital pin. I can write it only on virtual)))

Please make eventor can work on virtual pin, Thanks

@qomarul could please explain what do you mean?

actually v7 cannot be triggered. no status change even be triggered
can not recognize the value of virtual pin (v5) as a trigger.

Eventor could be triggered only from hardware side. How do you trigger V5?

v5 is triggered from blynk application, not from hardware, because v5 is defined by application not real pin.

In that case all is fine. Eventor could be triggered only from hardware side.

OK thanks,