Does Blynk support ESP32-C3 BlueTooth?

Is there anyone who has tried to operate with ESP32-C3 bluetooth. As fare as I read S3 only support BLE. All code I have tried from GIThub failed to start include BLE library.

The goal is to use Blynk platform but without WiFi connection. The reason is I have a battery driven ESP32-C3. Any Ideas welcome to get the battery (1200mA) long life time (1 year). I know to power Down etc. But my problem is to use BLE.

BlynkIoT doesn’t support Bluetooth. Use your phone’s hotspot instead of Bluetooth. You will have the same functionality.

Hi, Thanks fior your info. I know this tricks, but WiFi use too much power (180mA), special when power up after dower down, because it search for Router (phone). Bluetooth use 1/10 of power.

Blynk IoT doesn’t support any form of Bluetooth communication, so you’ll need to use WiFi or a different platform.


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