Does anybody use raw data storage on Local Blynk Server?

I think it is time to remove it (csv files). What do you think?

Hmm I personally don’t use it but thought they are showing the data for the history widget?
I have noticed that the data folder can grow very very large! Mine is about 4gb worth of CSV files so far.

@Jamin no, that’s another thing. History is separated from it.

Okay then! I vote remove… or the option to remove (or not) in

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I don’t use it.

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I don’t use it… or really understand what it is used for (EDIT - OK, now I do :wink: ). I see no reason to keep it (especially if it speeds things up even more), unless one is reeely into tracking data :slight_smile:

I don’t use it (to be honest never knew much about it) - history is obviously the most critical which I use for reporting and analytics all the time.

Let the user choose. Turn it off by default and have the handle it :slight_smile:

The blue pill or the red pill, your choice …


@Lichtsignaal I’m asking cause now we have now csv export in history graph, so it seems not necessary anymore.

Ok, but I understand, that exporting to CSV (or whatever readable data format) will be preserved? Personally had never accessing CSV directly and my opinion is, this is not a good format for database purposes. IF exporting data will still be there (or by direct HTTP API access, as it is) THEN i vote for removing current CSV’s as a database storage (or whatever its purpose is currently).


@Dmitriy Hi Dmitriy, H E L P - M E - P L E A S E !!
I absolutely use CSV files from local server in my monitoring projects! Indeed my final users need to receive data thru smartphone - for command and control operation – and MAINLY via browser, where they need to receive and store the graphs of the monitored measures for many years …
For this reason I’ve spent a lot of time and energy to realize a program that picks up data from CSV files and populate a database from which, by a graphical program (AM Charts), I build the graphs used by final user.
Historical graph widgets are not suitable for many reasons (huge number of widgets to put in a dashboard, no possibility to print on paper, etc.)
So I’d ask you to leave anything as is, giving the possibility to another user to exclude CSV acting on file properties. I really believe that it is very important to give stability and continuity to Blynk system. In addition, please, consider that I’ve already delivered a lot of projects to final user and I cannot modify the firmware because now they are out of my control.
I will appreciate very much if you could take into account this request !!
Regards, Giancarlo

@Gianca raw data is something different to csv and nobody even seems to know what raw data is so it’s unlikely to be a problem if it’s removed.

Please confirm you don’t use raw data.

@Costas I use CSV files. If these are the raw data, yes I use raw data.

To be more clear I use the files created for every virtual pin, composed by two clumns: data associated to virtul pin and Unix time. They are the files that are zipped every midnight.

Please don’t destroy all my work :fearful:

That is not the raw data that @Dmitriy plans to remove.

@Costas In the first post of this topic, Dmitriy, speaking of Raw Data is referring to CSV files.

If I’m wrong I will be very happy !!!

See posts 2 and 3.

@Costas Actually I’m not sure of what it will happen even because English is not my native language. Maybe @Dmitriy could explain in detail the roadmap that he would follow …