Display tabs or pages only when the required peripherals are connected

Hello to all!
The web version of blynk cloud has the ability to install modules. And they have a very convenient option to display the content only when the required datastream is active. For example, if the manual relay switch is set to 1, there will be 5 switches for manual relay control. Otherwise, they cannot be switched.
Or, another scenario: additional peripherals can be connected to the board. But at the same time, it is not necessary to change the template, you can simply display additional widgets inside the module.
I would very much like to see such an opportunity in a mobile application. Since it is inconvenient that, for example, different templates are needed for a board with 2 and 4 relays. It would be cool if, depending on some parameter, new widgets appear, or new tabs / pages appear.

You can use Blynk.setProperty(V1, "isHidden", true); to hide widgets, but I don’t think you can hide tabs.


Thanks for the answer!
This will work when the device is already running, and after that will set the given parameter of the widget to a certain state. But is it possible to set it by default for a widget so that when a new device is connected, some widgets are already hidden. If the device, after connecting to blynk, opened them, it would be fine

I’ve no idea, have you tried it?


No, I haven’t tried it. I saw in the datastreams section of my device a column with the currently active parameters. But how to install them first, I haven’t found a way. Well, I’ll have to dodge somehow, I look like

@NazarDiadiun That’s could be done with pages.

For example, you create 3 page: 1, 2, 3. Every page has it’s own set of widgets. Now, when the device connects you can specify the required page with Blynk.setProperty(Vx, "page", pageId)

@Dmitriy you would need the pro option to get more than 1 page right?