Display raspberry pi CPU temperature in blynk app

is it possible to display the cpu temperature from raspberry pi in the newst blynk app 2023 ?

i saw this link HOW TO: Display RPI's Temperature & Restart/ Shutdown RPI from Blynk - #8 by Costas

but it seams old and not working with the new blynk app…

Are you using the Java solution you linked to, or the Python solutions that followed?

If it’s the latter then what version of the Blynk Python library are you using?

Are you able to display the CPU temperature in the console without Blynk?


i whas trying python but then i found raspcontroller

It would help if you answered my questions.


i did try java first then python im not so familiar with those language. dident found anny good information about those alternatives.

iw tried micro python and python3 but i dident found where to define the project ID and wifi information…