Display day name in RTC widget

good evening, apologies in advance.
I have designed the project using the RTC widget, but in this case i’m having trouble displaying the day name in my project. Are there friends willing to help me?

Difficult without seeing your code.


how next i can display day name with this code?

can you help me?

String currentTime = String(   hour()   ) + ":" + minute();
 String currentDate = String(   day()   ) + "/" + month() + "/" + year();

You’d probably use the enum command to enumerate the day numbers into words, something like this…

enum DayOfWeek{ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday,Sunday };

I can’t remember if Blynk Legacy uses day 1 for Sunday or Monday, but a few quick experiments should show you which day of the week needs to be first in your enumeration list.