Display data over Bluetooth

Hi I’m brand new to Blynk. I am currently working on a project where we want to display the speed of our bike onto the Blynk app on our phone (iOS). The bike will have a Hall effect sensor attached to the wheel, inputing data to an esp32, I would like to output the mph to the phone via Bluetooth while riding.

I did some digging but I didn’t find much information on using Bluetooth in a similar way that I am attempting. Is this even possible? I read something about Bluetooth only working with an internet connection because it’s in beta.

I didn’t find the sketch builder to be any help because it does’s allow you to select Bluetooth.

If there are any similar projects where data is being output via Bluetooth to display a labeled value on the app, I think that would be a lot of help. I appreciate any help I can get.


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