Disconnect and connect from blynk cloud

Hi, i have an issue. I am using an ESP32 and ESP8266, and sometimes disconeccts from cloud, and an moment after it reconnects. Seems to be several times a day. My void loop only has Blynk.run() and timer.run(), a “clean loop” as i read in previous posts.
i comunicate both boards between them but i am not sending information so often to think that is the issua as also read before.
What other thing may cause this?
Thanks in advance

Blynk Legacy or IoT?

How do you do this?

It also depends on what processes you are performing with your timed functions, as this could also lead to disconnections, It’s difficult to say without more info.

It could also be a hardware issue, internal network issue, WiFi drop-outs, dropouts in the internet connection, interference from other hardware in the form of electrical noise etc etc.

What do you see in the serial monitors of your devices when these disconnections occur?


Hi pete.
I am using Blynk IoT.
I communicate the boards with the following code:

  float bridge_single(String token, int virtual_pin)
  String payload="0";
  //WiFiClient client;
  HTTPClient http;
  String server_path = server_name + "get?token=" + token + "&v" + String(virtual_pin);
  // Your Domain name with URL path or IP address with path
   int httpResponseCode = http.GET();
  if (httpResponseCode>0)
   payload = http.getString();
   //Serial.println("Tengo info");
    payload = String(0);   
   Serial.println("NO Tengo info");
  float dato = payload.toFloat();
  return dato;


Every millisecond i run the functions. sometimes the functions may exceed this time i think.
i have no Issues with internet or wifi.

Thanks pete

Just to be clear, you are running this code once every 1ms?

I’d suggest you read this post about testing I did when using the HTTP API with Blynk IoT…