Disappearing historical data from the app

It occasionaly happens that historical data in the mobile app (for example do not appear in the graph anymore) Do you know why this can happen?


Maybe because your hardware doesn’t send any data at that period?

so we are having incoming data for two months - visible also in graph and sudenly this data disappear and app keep showing only data from last minutes for for example two weeks (so we have new 2 weeks old history) and this disappears again … and after some time again …

What scale do you use in graph? Do you use history graph or superchart?

Hi Dimitriy, we use superchart, it scales itselve.

I mean on what scales data missing (1m, 3m?).
Do you have any widgets on that pin where data is missing?
Do you use device tiles?

All history data (so on all scales)
no we do not have any widgets on that pin where data are missing.
I do not know if we use desvice tiles - probably not.

How is that? This is very important detail.

Do you use local server?

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So the graphs do not use device tiles but there is possibility to change device in the app so other data are showed.

Yes we use local server so far. Do you have any clue please?

@mmatus I need more info in order to help. You still didn’t answer me - do you have Device Tiles widget in your project? Is your SuperCahrt widget is within DeviceTiles widget?

You said data is missing on all scales. Please show screenshot with missing data and 1h screenshot.

Please find screenshots attached. How can I find out if we are using device tiles widget?

No need. I see that you are using it. I fixed bug related to DeviceTiles and missing history data. Now it should be fine. Please report in few days if data is still there.

Hi Dmitriy, so if there were older historical data before they should appear back?


No. You need to generate new data. Tiles is the new widget and currently it is on the finish line of development so such issues are expected.

Ok, and the same setup was there three months ago so can I connect the historical data to that ?

Didn’t get it.

sory, typo. If there are stored older data. Is it possible to show them in the same graph? (to connect them?)

I think yes. If I understood you right.

do I have to do something on local server?

Dimitriy, I am sorry but it does stil do it. I Think it is because of this:

What do you think?