Different templates/projects on one account/app/dashboard?

Hello, I’d like to ask if you would implement in the future patches/updates, something similar to the old blynk wherein we could have different projects within the app?

I’m kind of bothered with when if I would develop a new template and upload it to my board, I have to delete the device in the dashboard that is linked with the old template and re-register again the board as a new device and re-enter the wifi credentials… Although I believe that is the limitation of the free account, being stuck to one device only

This seems to be two differnet (and unrelated) questions…

Blynk do plan to re-introduce projects…

Projects obviously require multiple devices, which is why I find the mention of a single device slightly odd in this context.

When you update a project in the web browser the changes are updated to the app too (assuming that you choose that option).
Obviously if the changes require different functionality in the code then a new sketch would need to be uploaded. Whether this would overwrite your dynamically provisioned credentials depends on the type of board you are using and what options you choose when you compile the BIN file i guess.
But, if it’s an issue then you don’t have to use dynamic provisioning if you don’t want to.


Would having a completely new blynk template ID and new blynk device name overwrite these credentials?

The single device here is the limitation of the free account, being stuck to one device only… And if I want to discard the old template that is paired to the device and use a completely new template, I need to delete the old device and reactivate a new one

I guess you’d need to experiment with whatever device type you are using.


Hi Pete, I’d like to know if Blynk has updated so we can add multiple devices to one template, in additionn, using the Edgent library
Thanks in advance

Automation can be used to transfer data between devices. as a result, you may monitor several devices with a single template

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