Different Slider range with device selector

Is there a way to set the slider range from the hardware?
Because in my case I have a device selector, and I’d like to set different ranges for different devices (they can have values one or two orders of magnitude bigger) in the same slider.

Look up Blynk.setProperty() for this in the docs. You’ll probably need to set the value for min/max on every device select programmatically.

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In the “documentation” is written that only label and color can be set with setProperty, but I don’t know if that documentation is complete. Where can I find the complete properties of widgets?

Ok, I was able with “min” and “max”, but in the documentation it is written they can be float, bu they actually can’t.

I think it means they can be sent as float (if that matters otherwise)… but not clear if the recipient widget is supposed to resolve them as such.

Currently all min/max floats sent to the slider are rounded down.

@Dmitriy is this a documentation issue or a widget issue?


Documentation a bit ahead. In few days we will release new update that support floats for min/max. Server already supports that, but not apps.


That’s great :slight_smile: