Different languages

Question. Are there any plans for the Blynk app to be translated into other languages in the future?
I say this because if there are many users in Spanish-speaking countries, it would be good if the texts of the blynk APP were in Spanish.
For example Spanish.
Also, is it possible to open a forum or topic for Spanish speakers?
Thank you.

You can start a topic and use your first language or any language you want. It’s not a big deal.

Would you be interested in helping us to translate Blynk to Spanish?

We plan to release the file with all the labels in English and already have a localization engine in place.

Of course you can count on me.

Hello everybody, Any news about the APP in Spanish?
I have very interested clients.

Hello, @Vicente presently Localization is available as an add-on to Business Plan.

It doesn’t seem fair to me. :sleepy: