Different button options/sizes?

Would be great if there were choices for button sizes. The default one is pretty large and a smaller one, for example equally sized as an LED widget would offer greater flexibility when screen space becomes limited.

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I agree with @hbierau

We’d rather increase the real estate. It’s unlikely that button will become smaller.

Resizable - yes, but with min size like current one. It’s all about usability.

Well, i slightly disagrre with You, Pavel. I know Blynk is designed for smartphone, not for tablets, but yes, I tried to launch it on hi-res 10" tablet and the resulting size of EVERYTHING was just… ehm…let’s just say “huge” and “not so nice”. While I could accept large 16x2 LCD display, I just CAN’T accept a HUUUGE pushbutton taking soo much space… On 5" everything is very well balanced (and yes - the pushbutton size is just as it should be), but on larger screen… oh no! :slightly_smiling:
As a note, I really miss the compatibility with larger screens. A kind of control-panel based on cheap android tablet, with large wokspace is my dream…:yum:

Wel, tablet is a zoomed version of Blynk. We never even optimized it for big screens. So it’s a whole different story

Hi Pavel,

Just wondering if you have reconsidered offering smaller buttons?

The reason I ask is everyone that everyone that uses my project for the first time tries to ‘press’ the LED widgets to toggle them on and off. I have to explain to them that the LED is a display only widget and not an input. It would be great if they could also be an input device like a button.

The other option would be to have Buttons the size of the LED widgets.

Nick Murray

Thanks for your feedback, @NickMurray.

Accordingly to multiple usability researches there is a minimum recommended touch square size. So I’m not planning to make buttons smaller. Only bigger :slight_smile:

Re the LED, that’s interesting. I think that primary reason for this is cultural. We, makers and engineers consider LED a common thing, a great statis indicator, however in real products they take different shape. And putting LED on a screen can be confusing. Maybe then it’s better to use Value Display as a textual indicator?

Also, since button widget can be controlled from hardware, you can use it as an input and as an indicator?

Thanks for your reply, @Pavel

Its your product so your choice on button sizes.

Thanks for your idea for using a value display as a textual indicator, this could work better for me as users will be less likely to try and use that as an input.

Yes, I already do this but because of the large size of the button I can’t fit enough of them on the dashboard for the projects needs. The ideal solution for me would be smaller buttons but, If that is not going to happen I will work around it.

I must say that i support the request for smaller buttons , on the size of a led.
With an ipad , it will be much nicer.

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I would definitely support a tablet version with more space, but I agree with @Pavel here that the buttons are pretty much at there minimum size. Especially with big claws like mine, lol. I bought the biggest phone my money could buy just to avoid small touch area’s. :slight_smile:

Blynk wasn’t designed for iPad and tablets.

Some day when Blynk will be a huge company )