Different Blynk servers in Europe and USA?

My WiPy based temperature and humidity measurement system is at home in Europe (Austria) and pushing its data to blynk-cloud.com. When in Europe my Android phone shows the dashboard properly.
Now I am a week in the USA, but my android phone connects to the server, but shows ‘No data available’.
When using an internet connection through a VPN to home, it works fine.

Smells like there are different blynk servers on both sides of the pond.

Here in USA blynk-cloud.com resolves to
traceroute ends up at digitalocesn somewhere near New York
Back home blynk-cloud.com resolved to
traceoute also ends up at digitalocean, but through telia sweden.

Shouldn’t cloud access for a project always go to the correct server ???

Hello. It should. But at the moment this is not implemented yet. As temporary solution you may specify EU server ip while in US. sorry for inconveniences.

What is the European Server IP?
Putting in the Custom server settings does not work from the USA.
However when connected via VPN to home then setting the custom server to does work.
Seems the servers do geo-checking on the incoming IP and only allow IPs from their own area.

Guess, I’ll just wait till you have implemented this. Until then I use the VPN solution.

Hi. When I specify EU server ip manually, all work fine, but notification doesn’t work(twitter and push widgets). Please help.

@Arsen please create separate topic and also provide some steps.

This problem with US and EU servers makes me lost my year at school. :frowning:

I did app in Brazil where I lives and it works fine. But when I bring the whole project to show in my masters degree here in Portugal app could not connect in any way and in the presentation I got shame. :roll_eyes:

I guess this is high priority topic to be fixed.

What… did you go straight from the airport to class without testing first?

Instead of reopening an old topic and blaming Blynk for your schoolwork, perhaps earning extra credit with learning how to make use of a Local Server would have been an idea :thinking:

Besides… this issue was fixed already… over a year ago :wink: You must have been running some very old Blynk library or something?

Anyhow, if you have further issues. please create a new topic with full details. Thanks.

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Thanks for reply…
Yes I just arrived 18 hours before presentation. I was no able to test before.
I just re-opened a Old topic because I looked into database first instead creating a New topic.

I will consider to install a local server.
Thanks again.

Heh… my humorous guess was actually fairly accurate… take that Mr. Grumpygreybeard :rofl:

@leomarx71 You are welcome… I still a wonder that the App couldn’t connect with the Geo-DNS issue resolved… but as also guessed, perhaps an old library? Feel free to start a new topic if you wish further discussion/issue resolution.