Differences between Blynk and Thingspeak

May i know what is the differences between Blynk and Thingspeak ?
Maybe in terms of speed ? Data accuracy ? etc.
Thank you in advance

no comparison.
ThingSpeak is a web platform and blynk is a phone application with GUI.
but you can send data to ThingSpeak from blynk.

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But is there any significant difference ? Is it possible for me to do research on the data accuracy between blynk and thingspeak ?

Blynk allows you to control your devices at any time.

@Syed_Naqib you’ve mentioned data accuracy twice, so it seems an issue for you. What exactly is it you want to achieve, and what data accuracy issues have you been experiencing so far?



Its for my final year project. I need to compare these two platform.

Just try this one and another one. Post us back :wink:

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In that case, you should focus on functionality and usability, rather than data accuracy.
If you want us to do your homework for you then that’s not going to happen :grinning:


I’m not asking you to do my homework, i am the one who will compare both of the factors. I’m asking what should i compare

You have been a forum member for about a week and half… spending only 31 mins reading, according the the stats, and this topic is the only time you have posted. Either you are really good at reading Documentation and have never needed to ask for Blynk assistance, or you haven’t a clue how it works and are just fishing for cliff notes for class.

As has been suggested, hinted at, and is basically your only real option… How about doing the footwork for your homework and actually TRYING Blynk, then the same with Thingspeak, and coming to your own conclusions on the what and how to compare?


As many other suggestions the best approach would be to try it yourself.

And depending on your application you will have different opinions, for example, I have used Ubidots, Thingspeak, Azure and Blynk. They all work, have different prices, pros and cons. For me, at this stage, for this project, Blynk fits best.