Did you just change the base font in V3.7.6.(0) iPhone?

This morning 2024-05-09 the base display font just changed on my iPhone. It has different spacing (kerning) than the old font. It therefore “broke” some display items as it takes more space.

Was this intentional? Did I miss something? Can I change it back?

Hi @bigMoose
Yes, font change was intentional and there is no setting to change it back.

Eugene, thank you for the quick reply. Glad to know the boundaries. I likely won’t matter to the developers on your side, but this type of change that “breaks” applications in the field is not a good thing for the user.

Also we thought the old font looked more modern. A way to do this would be to add an option for a new base font, while retaining the already deployed font.

As a curiosity, I would be interested in knowing the reason for the change, if there was one.

… not a deal breaker, but an annoyance.

Could you show the examples of broken display items because of font change? I’ll share internally with the design team.

Thanks Eugene, basically the kerning (spacing) is different. In a compact display, what used to display with the old font, is now just a little wider with the new font. I had to take a space out of a title to get it to show with the new font spacing. In a labeled value display Old font: (29.76 " Hg) would fit and show, with new font it appeared as (29.76 “…) Note:no () in display, used here for text clarity. For this display it was easy for me to remove the space between (” and Hg). Others with more complicated displays may not be so easy a fix.

I’m a triple retire power systems engineer… now just consulting. If I had to push a firmware upgrade to a customer because you changed a font, I would not be very happy about it. That comes from a 48 year career in this stuff.

What made you want to change the default font???

HI, I have a similar issues - is this related?

Broken display, should look like this

Same problems with all my dashboard .

Can you please put back the old font ?

This one is too big and not beautiful.

Or can you please add the possibility to choose the font and it size ?

@Bill_Donnelly Thank you for the feedback. The gauge has become smaller (this is intentional) and same values with the default font size won’t fit in.
To address this, we’ve decided to bring back the font size setting for the Gauge tiles. Changing font size to smaller should help. I’ll reply here when the update is available in App Store, should be shortly.

Similar issue on android 1.19.0?

P.S.when posting I did not realize the whole tile stuff has been redesigned. Still looking how to get my previous look back.
When redesigning a UI, I would have guessed backward compatibility to be one of the primary goals.

@Eugene problem still remain on web dasbhoard , impossible to read correctly the values inside the gauge after the font size change.Can it be corrected too please ?

@Bill_Donnelly In the latest app version you can go to Template Settings and adjust the value size for the Gauge Tile. Hope this helps.

Hi @Astroghost The web dashboard team is aware of this and is evaluating possible improvements.