DFRobot Wifi Shield v2.2 with Blynk

Hello Blynkers,
Anyone managed any project using DFRobot Wifi Shield v2.2 with Blynk?
The shield uses WizFi210 chip.
I simply cannot make it connect to Blynk
Kindly help.

Some more info would be very much appreciated and needed to help you out (cause we love helping out :slight_smile: ). Can you post the sketch you use and any errors you might get?

Dear Lichsignaal,
Thanks for your prompt response.
In fact I searched deeper, and tried basic examples with the DFRobot wifi shield v2.2.(http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=548#.V5Z0E01PrDc).
I met no success, even with the basic examples.
I guess I have to work on this side first, before trying to connect with Blynk.
Earlier I was working with an arduino Yun, and could easily interface it with Blynk.
I have one question. I saw from the Blynk library that it Blynk supports Arduino_WiFi_Shield, Arduino_WiFi_Shield_101, Arduino_Yun, and many others, but did not find WizFiShield.
The DFRobot wifi shield v2.2 that I am referring to uses the WizFi210 chip, and I would like to know whether Blynk supports this chip.
I would also be grateful if someone sends me links to any project successfully made with the DFRobot wifi shield v2.2.

Nope, it is not supported yet. We don’t have this hardware to test with this. You can try integrating it, and send us a pull request.

Thanks for your reply.
I would like to know how to proceed in order to integrate it, and then send you a pull request.