DFRobot - Romeo BLE Mini

New to Blynk. First project

I want to use a Romeo BLE Mini (DF Robot) in a simple form - 12 volt motor control with slider for variable speed and buttons for forward and reverse of motor. That is all.
Has anything been done for this? Seems that the Romeo BLE is good for this.
Is someone able to assist me to get the first project working.
Charles Harris

The Blynk Blink example is simple… a car or rover is not :wink: And yes, many have done it. Search and ye shall find.

We will assist as you learn, but we all have our own projects to work on, so you need to start yourself off with some education about how Blynk works in-order to work with either your own code or modifying someone else’s to fit your needs.

See similar advice I just gave to another user who started off asking without showing some efforts first…