Devices, Users and Notifications

I’m seeking confirmation and clarification on setting up users, device owners and notifications for the DIY Plus plan. The Plus plan has no access to configuring 1) roles and access or 2) organizations and sub-organizations so those options are out.

I have several devices and want my wife to have user access to these devices as well as notification. She has been added as a user which, when logged in allows her to see and control all devices, but no notifications (she’s my backup).

My understanding is that transferring device ownership to her would provide the notification to her (device owner) and still retain “user” only permissions. Then for me as the administrator/developer, I would create a contact in the Template/Metadata which then can be added to the notifications. Any devices that were not transferred, she would still see, but not get notifications.

Then adding an additional user only sees and controls the devices but no has option for notifications.

Have I got this figured out correctly or have I missed something? Is this the best way for Plus users?

Thanks in advance.

It seems that you can use Automations to send notifications to users other than the device owner, but not event triggered notifications (only available to White Label).

Is an automation the solution for you?


Thanks Pete - Sounds like a good option to investigate further.

Based on the responses, it appears that it isn’t an issue for anyone else.

A few more comments were hoped for. Thx