Device visible to me but not to users on mobile app

I have successfully created a device on a test profile/account (free version) to test and make sure it is working. The device is online and I (Admin) created the mobile app dashboard and it is working 100%. I invited a user to join the profile and the user then logged into the mobile app and the device is visible and working 100%.
I then created a second account (also the free version) which I eventually want to use for further roll-outs.
I went through the same process: successfully created the device, created the mobile app dashboard and when I log into the mobile app, everything is working 100% (as with the first profile).
I invited a user to join the second profile (same process as with the first profile) but this user cannot see the device in his mobile app (“…No devices yet…”) ?? I have asked them to log out and log in, still no device visible.
Both accounts only have 1 x user.
The two projects are identical in principle - the only difference is that it is different accounts (and obviously the device, tokens, etc…)
Why is the second account not working the same as the first ? - the device is not visible to the user??
Any help…

This is the only thing about your post that I find confusing.
With this first account, who is the owner of the device - is it you or the person you invited to join the organisation?

Normally, with the Free a Plus versions of Blynk the user needs to be the owner of the device to see and control it. The Admin user can see/control all devices regardless of ownership.


Thanks Pete.
I went to check my first profile again.
Now I got it - I was under the impression the Admin must be the owner and “Users” can only see the devices.
So, to clarify for those that don’t know:
The Admin can create the device and then transfer ownership to the User so that the User can see the device.
The “User” must own the device to see it, but Admin can see all the devices.
Got it, thanks.

That’s correct, for Free and Plus accounts.
If you have a Pro account you can edit the permissions for each user type.