Device tiles icons

I have been using the device tiles lately and its very practical, thanks for that, however i wish it could have more icons. In my case for example i use it to access or control:
1- Curtains
2- Music
3- TV
4- Gaming console
5- Shower
6- Cleaning vacuum robot
7- Cameras
8- Air conditioners
9- Locks
10- coffee machine
11- garage door
12- sprinklers
13- Delivery Robot (A robot i created to automattically get things from one place to the other around my house)
14- swimming pool
and almost everything in the house.

I am an Electronics engineer willing to start my own company to make an ultimate smart home system in Egypt and i prototyped with many other dashboards and i find yours to be the best looking, most practical and the most user friendly but if only it is possible to have more icons in the device tiles it would be the perfect dashboard for me. I will be very happy if you consider that! Thanks a lot!

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Hello. Nice. Thanks for the proposal. @Pavel FYI.

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I guess that the most sensible approach would be to use the same technology that’s being developed for the forthcoming image widget, to allow custom images to be used for device tiles.

This would certainly get my vote if it appeared on the roadmap voting portal.



i sometimes using emoji which reflect the same icon sent in place of text but emoji icons mostly didn’t look professional to be used in many cases especially commercial apps

@scropion86 For buttons it might be fine using emojis but you cannot replace icons with emojis in device tiles…if you use emojis for default type device tile it will be as label only and will look very small and ugly

Custom icons for device tiles are available for commercial applications only. We will add default icons soon.

I’d also like the capability to not use an icon, and to just have text on the tile.

Please use a different template for that

I would add:

  1. Water pump
  2. Sprinkler
  3. Fountain
  4. Waterfall
  5. Fish pond
  6. Energy/Amp meter
  7. Motor
  8. Motion sensor

Use image widget !

But you can’t add an image widget as the icon for a device tile.


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what a pity :scream:

Maybe in Blynk 10 :smile:


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or never :rofl: