Device status


It has become difficult to determine the status of the device after the last update. It used to appear on the general screen, but now it can be seen only when entering settings.
It would also be helpful if the virtual command got any notification to run the command after being clicked. For example, to receive a “device disconnected” alert if any key is hit while there is no connection to the device.

Android or iOS?
App version?


We plan to add online/offline status indication to Device Page soon


Android, latest

A number would be good!


Your last update is very nice. Thank you. If you do like Sonoff, the status issue will be better. No command should be pressed offline.

1.5.2 / jun 13,2022

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It depends… In some cases you may want to set the state and the device may sync it when online later. So, there are many different cases we need to cover.

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