Device sharing


I’m a little bit confused with organizations, accounts and devices.

Using my main account (PRO plan) as admin , say ADMIN, I have created my own organization. I have my own devices attached to this organization and everythings runs fine.

I have created an organization for a client, say ORG-CLIENT
I have created a device in ORG-CLIENT, say DEV-CLIENT, owner is ADMIN
I have invited some users in ORG-CLIENT, they can see and use the DEV-CLIENT in app

I can access to DEV-CLIENT from the blynk.console logged as ADMIN.

so far everything is fine

now for some reasons I need to add the DEV-CLIENT to my ADMIN account, to access it from my smartphone and not only from the blynk.console

following the instructions :

I tried to invite my ADMIN account from the ORG-CLIENT :
blynk.console → organizations → select organization ORG-CLIENT → users → + invite a new user
but the email address of my ADMIN account is refused with error : “this email address already exists”

what is the correct way to do this ?

thanks a lot


Devices from a sub-organization are also available in applications for the Admin of the root organization.
In order to see the device you need to switch to the sub organization in the menu:
My Households - select the desired organization - select the organization in which the device is located.

Dmitriy from Blynk

Hi Dmitriy, thank you for your answer

ok but is there a way to see the device in my main organization without changing organization ? in order to have all devices in a blink.

@brunog In the mobile application there is no way to view the devices of a sub-organization without changing organization.

ok, would the solution be to create a new account in a new org and to share all needed devices to the new account ?

@brunog You can simply transfer all devices to your root organization.

the scope of a device organization transfer is not very clear to me
doing this will need adjustments in roles and permissions of source organization ?

@brunog If you want all devices on your mobile to be displayed in one place, they should all be in one organization.

ok, I’ll deal with that.

After some tries I’m sorry but it is still not very clear to me :

In Blynk.console → devices → select one device → device menu ‘transfer’
the pop-up ‘transfer device’ is showing, select ‘transfer to anoter user’
entering new owner’s account email address different as the current owner, then clicking on Transfer I get the error message :
‘Can’t transfer to the same owner’
while the new owner’s email address is different from the old one

If I try to add a new user by inviting him with new email address, I got the message : ‘This email address already exists’ while it does not exists in my users list. where does it exists ?

what are the requirements for the new owner’s account email address for the transfer to be successful ?

thank you

Hi @brunog ,

You cannot transfer the device to another user that is not a member of your root or sub organization.
If an error occurs when inviting using this email, it means that a user with this email already exists in our system.
In order for you to invite this user, the user must log into his account and delete it.

Dmitriy from Blynk

You mean, I can’t transfer a device to somebody if he has already a Blynk account ?

Yes, that’s right.

if he has already a Blynk account ?

If he has a Blynk account outside your organization hierarchy.

maybe I missed something somewhere, but it is a very unexpected limitation

I now understand what was wrong with my understanding on how to share devices

I have to think about it