Device Selector widget improvement

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Accepted! Adding Device Selector for every screen is worth the energy, but such usage results in an unsynced Device Selector between Tabs

Take this scenario:
Tab 1: Device Selector: Device 1
Tab 2: Device Selector: Device 1
Tab 3: Device Selector: Device 1
Tab 4: Device Selector: Device 1

Say, I’m on Tab 1

  1. Clicking Device Selector
  2. Choosing Device 2
    only changes device for Tab 1

Rest of the tabs are still with Device 1

Now, how are the widgets in all the tabs supposed to get updated? And with what device?

As of now, when we add a Device Selector in any of Tabs

  1. We change the Device
  2. Widgets in all tabs update as per selected device
    So, it’s never made for one Device Selector for every Tab.

Also, Tabs widget is already free…

Considering all this, to simplify usability and function, it is best to merge the 2 widgets with Device Selector on top for seamless functionality :slight_smile:

With current app:-

  1. Under Environment Tab
  2. Click Device Selector
  3. Choose myPlant 003

Now Environment screen shows myPlant 003 like this:

Based on values reported, myPlant 003 needs watering and we goto Watering Screen

But Watering screen still shows myPlant001:

We need to change the device to myPlant 003 again for this tab before watering, otherwise, we’ll be watering myPlant 001
So we click Device Selector, choose myPlant 003. Click Start Watering.


Device Selector is there! Tabs is there! Blynk Team just needs to combine these 2 widgets

To avoid changing and confusing between devices, the following approach will simplify things a lot:
Device Selector & Tabs combined like this:


  1. Under Environment Tab
  2. Click Device Selector
  3. Choose myPlant 003

Now Environment screen shows myPlant 003, like this:

Based on values reported, myPlant 003 needs watering and we goto Watering Screen

Watering Screen also shows myPlant 003, like this:

Click Start Watering


Hi. Idea is nice. But not simple in implementation.

I have been playing around with the multi-devices and Device Selector, but having very inconsistent results… probably due to one of the devices being Bluetooth, so I can’t honestly weigh in on your concern about global switching of the devices vs. just on that page.

However the rest of your example seems more hypothetical rather than an actual issue? If it is real, then here’s a few suggestions to resolve any issues.

One ot the concepts of IoT is semi-autonomy… if your plant’s sensors detect the need for watering, they should trigger that automatically in code, leaving the app for monitoring and endpoint management, which is generally done infrequently enough as to negate any real issues with switching pages.

And if you do want to initiate manual watering, why have such a button on a totally separate tab? especially now that we have scrolling. Put any manual controls on the same tab as the monitoring and then your device selector will work… one tab with all the info/control, selectable for multiple devices.

As I see it (and this is just my personal opinion, not a criticism of you or anyone for making suggestions - I actually find these idea discussions mentally stimulating :wink: ) Blynk is the software version of a development board vs. a SOC design that the development leads too.

So a widget idea that works for one person may be the exact opposite for someone else… so I see widget flexibility as the better way to go for a multi-function app like Blynk.

Then, after someone ends up designing a perfect concept but needs just a few widget tweaks here and there to make it simpler for that task… they can consider a customised app done by the business side of Blynk.

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Oh no! Of course, this app is not for an actual use.

In fact, this is a partial replica of the Blynk myPlant Demo App. I just used the concept as an example to better explain what’s required in making generic apps…

This is such an advantage, from user’s point of view. And I just tried to explain that option with my example…

Are you sure? Functionally, there’s nothing to be changed. Nothing! Everything is already there. It’s only layout changes.

You’ll be:

  1. Moving the Device Selector on top of Tabs
  2. Make it available in all Tabs

I have no clue as to what it takes to implement this technically. I never had to know because of Blynk(you).

Thanks for spoiling us :blush:

Love Blynk!

That’s the hardest part :slight_smile:. Scroll and tabs changes took 2 weeks.

No doubt, the results are sweet & worth the efforts. With scroll & tabs, Blynk is so much scalable now.
Appreciate your efforts in making Blynk, easier than ever for us :smiley:

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So, is this request getting added to the roadmap?

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Any update on this? I think it’s a great idea that I would use a lot!