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By default the app tells you if a devices is online or offline (click on the chip symbol at the top of each project); if offline it also says when it went offline (date/time)

It would be nice to have the same info when online.

I know I can do this in code, but a basic default notification for all devices would be useful.

I’ve implemented this in code in the terminal section. Don’t know how to add the link here but you can search for ESP.reset terminal mohan_sundaram. This will work when device is online. You are asking for info on the Blynk screen to be shown from the server.

But shouldnt need to, the cabability is already in the app for going offline, so why not implement the same functionality for going online?

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Yeah. Makes it simpler. Agree.

It’s just 1 line of code

And a widget to display it, or will it display on the project dashboard the same as for Device Offline?

For my education. What would that single line of code look like? I’ve captured the epoch number since boot using now(), converted it to days:hours:minutes and then display it. Was definitely much more than a line.

Isn’t that the same as this:

The Git request has been closed, but the feature hasn’t been implemented yet (at least not in IOS).


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Yes, thats exactly what I’m asking for . It shows date/time when it goes offline, but not when back online. (iOS) I dont see why it would be different . . .?

@Bill_Donnelly this is actually nice idea and I agree that we may show it too.



The top device info is useful for triubleshootin.

The bottom device is not.

Really love Blynk, fastic platform and the more I get into it the better it gets. Very, VERY flexible!

Thnx guys for all your work, very much appreciated!


Yes… I see that option is now available :smiley:


Nice, I’m not seeing it though, I’ve restarted the app and devices. Was there an app update (nothing on iOS)?

Not yet.

See it on my phone too (Android). However, this is off by 13 minutes. I maintain timestamp of the last connect using BLYNK_CONNECTED() and display it in my terminal for uptime. That is 13 minutes earlier than the time reported by Blynk on its device panel.

Not a critical error or something that breaks any program. Curious to know why the difference occurs. I can understand if my timestamp is later than Blynk’s.

@mohan_sundaram our bug. Will be fixed with next update.

Thnx, I assume in the next iOS update?

Just fired up an ancient Android (R2D2 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and installed Blynk -works perectly!

Am seeing a mismatch for the last 2 days. Device shows uptime of 22hrs while Blynk server shows 12hrs. Uptime since timestamp is calculated on BLYNK_CONNECTED(). Has anyone else observed this?

Will try resetting