Device online on Blynk.console but no data on dashboard

hi guys i have connected my sensors to esp32 and i am getting data on my serial monitor , i guess that i am also connected to blynk as my device is shown as online . i want 3 different data on my dashboard and for that i have made three labels with virtual pins v1,v2,v3 but there is no data coming on my dashboard
please help!!! URGENT!!

Impossible to help without seeing yout code.

When you post it, make sure you put triple backticks at the beginning and end so that it displays correctly.
Triple backtick look like this:

Copy/Paste these if you can’t find the correct symbol on your keyboard.


Your code is a bit of a mess to be honest. First of all you need to read this and clean-up your void loop by using a BlynkTimer…

Also this is very bad practice…

You should capture the data that comes from your Serial2.readString() to a variable then use that variable in your Serial.println and Blynk.virtualWrite commands.

How are your V1, V2 and V3 datastreams configured?


When you post serial output you need to use triple backticks at the beginning and end so that it displays correctly.

Also, triple backticks need to be on a line of their own, or they don’t work properly, as you can see from your latest post.

When I said…

I meant that this was the FIRST thing you need to do. It’s not optional, because your void loop is most likely what’s causing your issues.


ok pete i have done that and it is working thank you so much !!! cheers

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