Device offline notification does not work on tab screens

I need to inform the Blynk app user if the hardware device (ESP32) goes offline. I have to use device tiles and if I turn offline notification on I get a grey block indicating that the particular device has gone offline. And it goes green when the device is online. So far so good. The problem is that clicking on the device tile brings up a screen with 5 tabs. You can tab to any of the 5 screens. The problem is that if the device goes offline, there is NO indication of that on any of the 5 screens. So you can merrily push buttons but since there is no device nothing will happen. This is very confusing to the user.

Any ideas of how to work around this?

Is this an application you are marketing?

Yes. Commericial application using dedicated authorized Blynk business server.

In that case, you’ve asked the question in the wrong place. This is the community support forum for the free version of the app.

I believe that you should have an email address to raise support issues, and an SLA which defines the response times.

But maybe if @Pavel picks this up he may be able to respond directly.