Device Offline after Uploading my code and setup dashboard

You need to have in your main loop. I’m guessing Blynk is beginning and connecting but then since it isn’t called in the loop the whole process just halts.

Still same issue Device offline.Is there any thing else I need to change?

What are you getting in the serial monitor during this?

No, on

Right, but the serial monitor will tell you what is up with the device and where the process is hanging

Serial monitor is empty

Can you provide example code for esp32 and provide steps.

Are you sure you have actually uploaded code successfully to the device? You’re serial monitor should be showing SOMETHING, even if gibberish.

Hello, @Dani123. Also please read Keep your void loop() clean - Blynk Documentation

In addition to the command, we recommend using BlynkTimer

We also recommend that you follow the structure of the code. For example, pay attention to the code structure of the Quickstart device

Uploaded properly but same issue device offline. Kindly provide example code for esp32 to turn on led and its steps.

Don’t worry about code for LED’s until you at least get it connected.

Something isn’t right here that you aren’t getting ANYTHING in the serial monitor… it should show it’s attempts to try and connect.

Have you tried the simple BlynkBlink example in the Blynk examples yet?

Yes I’ve tried old Blynk codes in me arduino ide all the libraries are installed

Now its working but led button is not working properly
Its not showing any response by clicking it

Kindly provide the example code (include all necessary libraries for better performance) for simple led turn on/off from blynk. and instruction steps. Thanks

@Dani123 please stop posting screenshots of your code,
Copy the code and paste it as text, with triple backticks at the beginning and end of the code (on separate lines) so that it displays correctly.
Triple backticks look like this.

You should also do the same when posting serial monitor output and compiler error messages.

You can follow the QuickStart process from the Blynk web console, or you can use the SketchBuilder (link at the top of this page) or the examples that are installed in the IDE when you install the Blynk library.