Device off line notifications

The last couple of days I will get seemingly random notifications that 4 or 5 of the devices I have used in the past have disconnected, in reality most of them haven’t been powered up in weeks. (I know I should keep them running at all times :joy::rofl: but in this house everything is experimental and temporary) I am still trying to figure out a pattern. Maybe has something to do with my deep sleep device that misses a connection on a wake cycle, therefore triggering an offline notification. It seems like that one is usually at the top of the list. But like I said it isn’t clear yet.

Anyone noticed this behavior?

If you’re using Node-Red then things get a bit more complex, especially if you’re running Blynk directly on your hardware as well.
If you have an Auth code set-up in a connection in Node-Red (even if that connection isn’t used in any mode) then Node-Red will connect to that device on startup/deploy and it will appear as online. When you do a Deploy, or restart your Node-Red server then the device will go offline then online again.

Could this have anything to do with what you’re seeing?

If a physical hardware device is also running the same Auth code then I think both Node-Red and the device need to be offline for you to see the notification.


Hmmm worth checking. Thanks for the info.

Click this down arrow in Node-Red and choose Configuration Nodes:

Scroll down to blynk-ws-client and you’ll see the nodes that are defined and how many times that are used.
In this example, UK Climate Logger isnt used on any nodes, but simply having it there will make the device appear online.