Device name changed to template name


Today i created a new template, i copied the firmware setting that the console displays right after the template is created.

Pasted it on to my code.

Compiled. And i got an error saying TEMPLATE _NAME not defined!!!

It seems that, on the console they have made an update - DEVICE_NAME to TEMPLATE _NAME .

But on our code/examples it is still DEVICE _NAME.

So once pasting the template name and device name aka template name, change it back to device name to compile the code successfully.

Do you have the most recent library files installed?

Hello, it is new change with deploy. It is correct.


But the thing is, we all save the firmware that is stable. So even if we update the lib, that doesnโ€™t fix the problem.

Only if we start with an example, only then the issue will be solved.

Yeah itโ€™s right. But i created a topic for those who are facing this issue.