Device lost in application

@Costas you seem to be gooder at this crypto stuff… wouldn’t boosting the ESP clock speed increase it’s computational abilities for SSL?

Boosting the clock speed might help.

I think the Core team are close to having BearSSL ready as an improvement over the existing SSL.

Actually when I check my project it states it has been running for 10 hours not 24 hours. Maybe it rebooted but it’s not wired up to my PC. I have added instant notifications to see if it goes offline and reconnects etc over the next few days.

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WeMos running SSL also rebooted couple of hours ago.
No problem reconnecting but I do have some Connection Management code in the sketch. So I am starting a log and unless stated WeMos reconnected to Blynk cloud server without any problems.

I will keep the log going over the next week or so.

15/3 12:00 noon started
16/3 01:00 rebooted
16/3 14:50 rebooted
17/3 no reboots so far

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Two of my tree SSL devices were disconnected this noon. Just the one with your sample code stays running.

There is no Connection Management code in that sketch.
Are any of your devices hooked up to Serial Monitor and if so what does it show when they disconnect?

Unfortunately, just the connected one is hooked to serial.

PC’s have much more stable USB ports than many low cost USB power adaptors.
Can you hook up one of the MCU’s using SSL to your PC?

Yeah, I know that. So, I try to use a brand mobile phone chargers to power my devices. And, actualy, two of my three SSL devices are powered from a laptop And still I see the same disconnections. Sometimes the devices (or one of the devices) manage to reconnected in some time (it may be after two hours or more). The last provided log was from a ESP12E module, which was powered from a laptop and hooked to it’s serial port.

15/3 12:00 noon started
16/3 01:00 rebooted
16/3 14:50 rebooted
17/3 no reboots
18/3 no reboots
19/3 no reboots so far

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Statistics is quite similiar to mine. I had a several disconnecrtions on 16/03 and none of them yesterday (17/03). Will see the todays statistics.

Whilst you are waiting for the results of your tests you might want to study Connection Management section of the docs.

Thanks. Already done that ))). Just thinking about the best settings for timeouts and number of attenpts for connection.