Device-Datastreems on console

I have just converted a freind to blynk 2.0 free plan

Device / Datastreems on console does not show up, are this correct or an error



What server are you using? And please provide a screenshot.

Have you invited this person to be a member of your Blynk IoT organisation, and if so did you give them the role of β€œuser” ?


Hi did create his own account , also the template / device.
He is total independent from my account, all seems to work.
Just vundering why we can see Datastreems in web console

we can edit add change datasteems, but not se them live.


A screenshot of what you see when you click the Datastreams tab in the device view, compared to what you see on the datastreams tab in the template would be useful.

Does this user have Developer Mode turned on ?


The screenshot are from my accound, I have PLUS
He have the Free and there are the field marked with red missing.
I guees the Developer Mode turned was on, otherwise we could have changed some settings, also he did create the new mobile dasboard.

No issue for now, just wondering


@TorNor It is correct for FREE plan

Thanks for clarifying Oleksii