Delivery mail

Hola: he creado un proyecto con un servidor local Blynk. Tengo inconvenientes con el envío de mails tanto a partir del widgets como para el envío del token. La dirección de email es de gmail y están habilitadas las aplicaciones poco seguras. Gracias por la respuesta. Miguel

Hi, I created a project with a local Blynk server. I have problems with sending mails both from the widgets and the token delivery. The email address is from gmail and unsafe applications are enabled. Thanks for the reply. Michael

Please have a look at

I am carrying out the project with a NodeMCU and on the local server I should configure the file, but where is that file located?

Is that file necessary to report the outgoing mail pass to the server?

You have to create that file, please check:

That file must be at the same folder as the jar file