Deliver Push Notifications as Alerts

Using Pro Plan
iPhone 14 with latest update
Blynk latest version

I have turned this on for all of my events and tested with my phone on vibrate and screen locked, app running in background. When I trigger the event, I get the banner on my screen but the phone only vibrates. I have searched the forum and read the docs. I am missing something. Perhaps it only works with Android? I also did not see where I can can “change a sound” in the iPhone settings?(settings/blynk/notifications)


@Eugene - one for you to take a look at?


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@mpo881 this setting got public before it’s time by mistake. Please ignore it for now. There will be apps update, documentation update, etc when ready.

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@Eugene thanks for the reply. It certainly will be a useful update as I have had plenty of customers ask for it. Hope it’s on the short list

@mpo881 we finally got a response from Apple regarding allowing critical alerts in Blynk IoT app to ignore silent mode and play at maximum sound level. Unfortunately, negative. So on iOS it is available for white label clients only, for whom we build and publish brand apps. iOS Blynk IoT users can just assign different sound for critical alerts for better identification.


Thank you for the reply. I have looked in my iPhone and the documents and I am failing to see how to accomplish this. Perhaps I have misunderstood and this also is only available for white label clients?