Delete tab widget

I’ve noticed it’s only possible to delete the last tab on the tab widget. Would it be an idea to be able to delete any tab from the widget?

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Correct. We didn’t make it as it big effort for small benefit.

Ok, so we differ in opinion as to the benefits, but most regular Apps support functionality like this, but it’s cool :wink:

How do you delete the last tab? Can’t seem to do it on my Android app.

Swipe :slight_smile:

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Did that and all four dissapeared :rage:

That is weird, did you just swipe the tab on the widget?

Had four tabs with one at the end unused. Swiped the unused one and all gone.

I just tried it on my Android, but it works fine here.

Not sure why it has done that. Oh well, in the process of putting them back. Will make sure I only put three back for now

You can always create an empty project and see if you can reproduce it and file a bug report :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks. Not a big issue so not too concerned about it :slight_smile:

Doh, just realised what I did wrong. I wasn’t in the tab widget when I swiped. Once in the widget I was able to delete the tab. :flushed: