Delay start Button

Hi Blynk,

Is there any way to make a delay button widget? I want to send a command to my hardware but I need it only after a few minute to be sent to my hardware.

Yes, search this forum for various words like delay, button, timer, etc. Many topics and examples on that function.

Thanks, but I was thinking on app side. I understand it can be done with the sketch, but let say you have your hardware operating, and we are unable to reprogram it, the delay star button should easily be done in the app side.

@Dasa I’m not sure if this post should be moved to the Ideas section as the new widget you propose could be useful for beginners / inexperienced coders.

Are you not using an ESP for your iOT projects and if you are have you not added OTA updates?

If you are not using an ESP you should think about adding one and as you learn more about C++ and Blynk you can add any features you want to your projects.

OTA updates? wow, I was not aware anything like this. I will have a look herr, but if you can help with some links to read, I will be happy
Thanks a lot.
I am using Nodemcu, btw.

There is at least one very comprehensive OTA thread on this site.