Degree symbol in Labeled Value widget

How do I get a degree symbol to show in a Labeled Value widget? I see some special characters (like $&@) are available, but no degree sign.

Hold down the zero key until the ° symbol pops-up.


Super! It worked. Is that feature described in the documentation anywhere? I think I looked in all the logical places.

I’m not sure. I thought it was in the pop-up help for some of the widgets, but I can’t see it now.

I obviously read it somewhere, but can’t remember where now.

I’ll mark the topic as solved.


No, that’s becasue it is NOT a Blynk thing, rather a phone KB thing. For me, holding down the 0 key brings up the +

Thankfully many phones have that symbol buried in the character options somewhere…

And when I am using my Android emulators on my PC for App editing, I type Alt+ 248 on the number pad.