Default notification recipients couldn't get notification

Hi. I’m having trouble with notification feature.

I want to send push notification to device owner(which is me) when certain event happens.
So I set event like this.

But I couldn’t get push notification.

The only way to get push notification is by setting notification recipient manually like this

[Enable notifications management]

[Go to device → notifications setting]

[Add myself to push notification recipient manually]

After I set myself to notification recipient manually, I can get notification just fine.

But I don’t want to set push notification recipient manually, when other user add their device.

Am I doing something wrong? or is that a bug? or do I need higher billing plan?

By the way, I am the device owner.

EDIT - apologies, my initial reply was meant for another topic about notifications!

What type of subscription do you have?
If it’s a Pro subscription, what organisational hierarchy have you defined, and where does this device sit in that structure?

Enabling “Send event to timeline” might be useful to see if there’s an issue with event limits.


No problem. Thank you for answering my question.

Currently, I’m using free plan for this account. But I’m planning to upgrade to pro or enterprise plan later.

I can see the event log. So I guess it’s not event limit issue.