Decibel.Meter with phone(Microphone of Phone)

is it possible add microphone sensor same as other Sensor to have a Decibel Meter?

@sh.abar.mard please list the Android and iOS phones that have this sensor.


It has digital and analog output, so it would be possible with little effort.

Edit: overlooked that phone microphone is to be used. But this one will do.

I don’t think he / she is.

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every phone have a mic sensor for audio and talk with other and in stores of any os have many application about showing mic data such as “DB Meter” on ios follow this link

Nice idea,

Could you please think of 3-5 use cases that can be applied to 80% of makers building projects with sound sensor of smartphone?


  • RGB light command
  • Sound analizing action
  • record voice and sense that user is happy or angry to set a music for him/her
  • a decibel meter with log and industrial usage.(on phone for test

Use case: to listen to my PowerShell scripts talking from my computer or my “say” command on the MacBook … (we had so much fun in PowerShell class today, LOL).