Day light saving clocks change


Well its that time of year again. Happens twice a year as we know and is as predictable as taxes, death, Trump for a 2nd term and a third wave of covid.

The real time clock has reset itself OK. No problem there.

But as we know the time input widget is not working correctly and won’t until tomorrow or the next day.

Just to reconfirm. Looking at the time on the widget this morning the times have all gone back 1 hr. When I enter the time input widget and correct the time and OK it the time displayed is minus 1 hr again. If I go in and out of the time input widget (making no changes) it subtracts another hr. I can repeat this every time subtracting an hr.

Any chance of a fix this year @BlynkAndroidDev? If not then maybe next spring I’ll prewarn you and you can book some nighttime work and debug a fix for us :slight_smile: Or if you catch this post today maybe you can do some weekend overtime?



Any thoughts @BlynkAndroidDev & @Dmitriy?

It will be fixed with the next release build - it seems we had fixed such issues for the Timer widget, but Time Input one is still having this issue.

By the way, we finally passed the review - so there should be an update available.

Brilliant. Thanks Alexander @BlynkAndroidDev. I’ll look forward to next March :slight_smile:

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev . Do we have our fingers crossed for the change in clocks this weekend?

))) just uploaded a build on friday with an additional fix

Hi @BlynkAndroidDev

Some improvements I think:slight_smile:

We’ll have to wait until next time to get the rest.

  1. The Time input widget I think is behaving. The time setting on widget did not move like it did before. The integer value seems to be correct. When re setting the time it is also behaving correctly. Before it used to save back minus 1 hr.
  2. However, the timer widget time setting display did go forward 1 hr. This is not correct? Once I reset it to the correct time the displayed setting remained as set.
  3. The RTC clock did not pick up on the change in time. The now() function was still picking up the old time. Not 1 hr forward. When I rebooted the device this fixed the problem and now() is picking up on the day light saving time.

Lets know if not clear.

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Please update tomorrow on the value of the timer widget. Will it be correct? I will try to reproduce it, what timezone are you using?

RTC works mostly on the library side - @vshymanskyy take look.

UK time zone

I’ve updated timer widget to be correct now. It’s maintaining the display time OK. I’ll check if it behaves tomorrow. i.e. kicks off the timer function,

Maybe it’s a Brexit problem :slight_smile:

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