Datastream returns same value (

Hello sirs,

Please help with this, I checked other topic in this forum but didnot find any similar thread that helps.

I wonder only me or anybody else that run into this issue of Blynk data streaming?
I tried to give command at IFTTT and Google Assistant.
Following this instruction of getting value as:

I found out that no matter value you put (0 or 1), it all returned to the current state of the Pin.
For example: if I used the mobile app to turn the V0 value to 1 (then my LED was ON).
Then when I pasted this string to Chrome, it all returned to 1 (no matter I put the V0=0 or V0=1)

In attached picture, when I used mobile app to switch value of the V0 to 0 (then my LED was OFF).
Then the webserver only returns to 0 (no matter what value I put 0 or 1).

So I guess this is unusual response from Blynk server?
Please help clarify that this can happen or not? Or else I need to find error in my code though now It is working fine with the mobile app.

Thank you for your time.!

How did you configure your datastream ?
How did you configure IFTTT ?
Show me some screenshots please.

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If you want to query the value of virtual pin 0 then your URL should end in &V0 not &V0=x

You only use a value after the virtual pin number if you are updating the virtual pin, and in that case you use an API call which contains the update? command.



To get datastream value your url should look like this

To update the datastream value your url should look like this


Dear sirs,
I would like to thank you for pointing out the mistake.
Yes it works for me when I change to:


Using this format I now can use Google Assistant to communicate with Blynk via IFTTT
Sorry for this simple misunderstanding and wish you all a good day!

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